School Work

Here is all of my recent work while my year at Hallmark Institute of Photography, including assignments, finals, for fun shots, and everything else, enjoy!

Phase III Final
Phase III is coming to an end, the past 5 weeks we have had to work on this has flown by, this final included 16 different images of the different techniques we have learned through out the year! I am almost complete but here is what I have done so far

Phase II Final
Our school is broken up into 4 “phases” and we are nearing the end of the phase II, only 6 more months to go till school is over! Woot! This final included 4 different images of techniques that we learned over the phase.

Visual Storytelling Assignment
An editorial photographer came into school and spoke to us about the field and showed us some of his work, was pretty interested. He then gave us an assignment to portray a story using pictures. Real or fake, didn’t matter as long as we got the point across. I decided to shoot my friend, kind of like a day in the life of a snowboarder type of thing.

Portrait Studio Assignments
Some recent portrait studio assignments in school, all models are students from school

Commercial Studio Assignments
some recent commercial studio assignments in school